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Welcome to the beautiful February/March issue of The Working/Herding Dog Digest.

So very proud that this marks the 21st year of Publishing this incredibly education magazine.

Yes, 21 years!

As with all businesses we have had our share of both trial and tribulations. The one thing that has always remained constant is our commitment to both educate and inspire.

I have a Doberman client that this year that's advertising her 4th Generation of Dobermans with us this year. This to me is what is all about when our clients come back again and again, dog after dog. Proving that how you treat people and giving first rate quality and service REALLY does matter.

I am so thrilled that my friend and writer for our magazine Nancy Griego has the honor of Judging both Bitches and The Breed at the Rottweiler National Specialty this year.

This is extra special as Nancy was voted to judge the National a few years ago when it was held in Ocala, Florida but had to decline because of important family obligations. The membership has such huge respect for this great lady as a past president of the Rottweiler Club of American Rottweiler Club they had to vote her back in for this year. Congratulations Nancy, I know you will do a great job presiding over your heart Breed in Colorado this April. Enjoy EVERY minute of it! 

Our next issue is doing very special features on the following Breed's Rottweiler-Portuguese Water Dogs-Briards and Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Deadline is April 10th. Please help us get the word out to all the Breeders of these Breeds. We make it very simple and easy to advertise with us. We UNDERSTAND what is important and vow to always do our best for our many clients. We "WORK" for them.

Writer for The Working & Herding Dog Digest Newest Working Group Judge– Spreader of Humor, our very own Bridget Johnson-Brown is contemplating how to bring a doggy comic strip to the pages of the Working & Herding Dog Digest. If you know of an amazing cartoon artist that she could collaborate with Bridget please drop either her or myself a line and let's get ready to LAUGH!

Christina Miller shared with me she was just granted regular status judging her heart Breed: Canaan Dogs and is now ready to apply for more Breeds. Congratulations friend, I just know your mom and mentor Mel Holloman are looking down from heaven and so very proud of the Legacy you have carried on.

Mr. German Shepherd himself: James Moses is just beaming after exchanging wedding nuptials with one of the most talented people I know: Karena Alexandra, I wish the new Mr. & Mrs. Moses a lifetime of love, laughs and a Best In Show Italian Greyhound in the near future. As well as an all-champion litter for "Scandal".

Don't ever forget~ New York, New York...If you can make it there you can make it anywhere. The Westminster Issue is next for The Working/Herding Dog Digest.

If you want to be seen by the right people, you have to be seen in the right places. Get 'SEEN" on the pages of the respected Working & Herding Dog Digest.

Deadline is April 10th.

I can't put into words the emotions I felt when I saw Rick Justice back in the ring. Inner strength TRULY has no limits. So great to have you back with us Mr. Justice.

I just cannot thank the very generous Dr. Andrea Bradford for my present of priceless magazines and books she has had for more years than even she would care to admit.

I have just been in Doggie Digest HEAVEN! Thank you again so very much Andrea.

That's all for now, I'll see you at the shows.

James Perry Taylor
Publisher: The Working/Herding Dog Digest
289 Jonesboro Road # 371
McDonough,GA 30253

289 Jonesboro Road # 371
McDonough, Georgia 30253

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