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Welcome to the hot issue of The Working/Herding Dog Digest.

Of course with the Summer months comes the reality that we have to make sure our loved ones are always both safe and cool. Let’s make sure we all watch for each other as the temperatures continue to rise.

The man, the legend, Wayne Boyd has passed on. I wonder how many realize what a powerhouse Mr. Boyd was on the entire East Coast that knew no equal in his time as an Owner-Handler who competed with them all, breaking and making records along the way. Wayne Boyd Owner-Handled both The Top Winning Bullmastiff and the top winning Great Pyrenees of all time. I first met Wayne many years ago when I worked for Kennel Review magazine and Wayne was showing “TR” the Quaker Oats Award Winner ( I might add he won it by one single group over the Doberman Bitch “Indy” shown by Andy Linton) the picture attached was when I was a young advertising Rep for Kennel Review Magazine in Hollywood, California the ad read “Making A Path, Not Following A Trail” . Funny personal story I just have to share. Wayne would do a two-page color ad and he would tell me to tell his wife Jean that a two-page color ad was only $200 and then he would mail me the difference in a money order! He was indeed one of a kind.

Rest in Peace Lowell Davis. Being from SouthernCalifornia I literally grew up knowing the Davis’. I was intrigued how Arlene and Lowell named their top winning Great Danes people names such as Ch. Jessica Davis and Ch. Abner’s Lowell Davis. I will forever remember always having a great time at their annual New Year’s Eve party in their beautiful Covina Hills home with its spectacular view and the most vivid memory of one night Lowell inviting a few us out back to the beautiful Koi Pond and watch as the fish came up to the surface and took food by hand. A quiet kind gentleman that I never heard say a cross word about anyone. Loved by all. 

Ms. Demilta, Gwen Demilta, Gwen, Gwenieany name you called her I know you called it out in grief when you heard the very sad news that her to short of a time on this earth had come to an end. Gwen did not suffer fools lightly and she championed the causes and people that she loved and believed in. A teacher like no other, I doubt if Gwen ever knew if the gratitude so many felt when given a tip or a pointer from the master herself. If ever there was a woman who dominated in a man’s world it was Gwenie. Picture this! Florida Circuit..5 Points in Doberman Bitches, the Judge pulls out exhibits presented outstandingly by Diego, Esteban, Hernan, Carlos, Andy with Owner-Handler Bob Vandiver in the mix as well, as the liver is tossed around and the mud is kicked up the crowd becomes more and more excited witnessing such talent, as the dust settles who is running over to first place, exactly where she belonged, our forever girl~Gwen Demilta.

Yay! Yay! Yah Ashley Cuzzolino & Aaron Wilkerson had a gender reveal party and the delighted couple were thrilled to see they are welcoming a beautiful baby girl into the world. I hope they name her Aronetta.

Welcome to Tarrytown everyone! Since this is the second year that the iconic Westminster is having its show in this quaint town in New York we thought you might like to see what to do and where to go while in town for the show so we have them listed on Herding Dog pages 70-73 in this issue so please drop in and enjoy the local ambiance. 

Best of luck to all of our many clients and friends competing at the 2022 Westminster Kennel Club my hope is that you all come home with Group Placements and if you do not do know you are still coming home with the best dog.

The deadline for our next issue is July 16th– As always I look forward to WORKING with you all.

That’s All For Now, I’ll See You At The Shows,
James Taylor



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