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A warm welcome to our many friends around the doggie globe to the action filled October/November issue of the Working/Herding Dog Digest. Thank You for coming to the ONLY magazine exclusively focusing on all Working & Herding Breeds.

Katie Shepard & Adam Bernardin were married in Las Vegas On September 21st. And after the worlds shortest honeymoon somehow, someway the happy couple were back in Connecticut showing America’s #1 Dog All-Breeds the Giant Schnauzer “Ty” to Best In Show both days on the weekend of September 23rd & 24th. Of interesting note, only 2 Giant Schnauzers have held the title of Top Dog All-Breeds in this country. Both bred by master breeder Maryann Bisceglia. Talk about a Giant accomplishment!

A record breaking congratulations to the Akita team of Stacey & Paul Borrmann & Laurie Fenner on winning Best In Show # 63 with GCh. Mojo’s Continuation Of A Myth. I am a strong believer of fate. This dog has went to shows all across the country either flying or being driven thousands and thousands of miles. However he would break the all time record at a show where all his family and friends could be there to share in the glory. A deserved honor indeed bestowed upon this incredibly hard working team.

The absolute perfect answer in this year Doberman Pinscher Forum to the question: Please tell us why you are so passionate about your Breed? Came from Adrian Woodfork with the following answer: Over half of my life I have lived with Doberman Pinschers. Because of them, I have thrived in good times and bad. They have been my therapy on so many levels. When you raise them with love, they return it twofold. Dobermans are so sensitive to your ups and downs and they are there 24/7. You will never pee alone when you have a Doberman (unless you run fast and close the door). That is loyalty in the truest sense... always by your side through thick and thin. I can’t imagine living without one.

How appropriate these words were and to me to perfectly described why Adrian is so passionate about Dobermans and it also got me to reminiscing about a A few of the top Doberman Pinschers from the past that I knew personally:
Ch Royal Tudors Wild As The Wind – I have written about the incredible Indy many times. She was the first top dog whose advertising career I was responsible for back when I worked at Kennel Review Magazine in Hollywood, California. I think I cried more than her owners did when she went Best In Show at Wesminster Kennel Club in 1989. It was only the 3rd Westminster I had attended. An overwhelming experience to say the least.

Ch. Brunswig’s Cryptonite still holds the record as the top winning Doberman Pinscher of all time- A charming dog- an amazing producer. Owned by one of the big characters in dogs Sam Lawrence he was loved and shown by George Murray to many a victory.

Ch. Marienburgs Sun Hawk~ this was a dog of which story after story has been told- he is indeed a legend among Dobermans as a top producer and winner. One year when I was around 10, I received for Christmas from my beloved dear sister Georgia Mayfield the Doberman Pinscher Book by Joanne McDonald Brealey on the Cover was SunHawk and his daughter the immortal Mary Hartman. An imprint was set my mind forever as to what the ideal male and female Doberman should look like.
What I have found to be true is the Doberman owners are even more loyal than the dogs themselves. Once you have a Doberman, you will always have a Doberman.

Our next issue is the last issue of 2017. We are doing a very special feature on Owner-Handlers that is passed out during the prestigious A.K.C National Championship in Orlando and all the All-Breed, Working & Herding Specialties before as well. Deadline is November 15th. Please contact me today @ to reserve a page to celebrate your great 2017 with anticipation for an even better 2018.

That’s all for now I’ll see you at the shows.


James Perry Taylor, Publisher


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