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Welcome to our beautiful and last issue of 2020. Looking forward to seeing my many friends in Orlando for the last big event of the year. Good luck to one and all on getting a great win and putting 2020 in the rear view mirror.

Here is to a great 2021 for us all.

I was so honored to be at the last show officiated by the great Alberto Berrios. It was indeed a very moving experience to watch this kind gentleman receive such thunderous applause as he stepped into the center ring to Judge the Herding Group. Few judges have earned such high respect from both peers and exhibitors as Mr. Berrios has thru his many decades of showing and Judging dogs. Please go to page 70 to see a special tribute to this one of a kind Dog Legend.

Our new Podcast: Dog Digest with James Taylor will begin filming in January 2021! We need your help by answering these 3 questions and sending your responses to:
Thank you for your help and support– Exciting times await.

1. What guest would you like to see featured on the show?
2. Would you prefer to listen to our podcast weekly or bi-weekly?
3. What dog related topics would you like covered that are not discussed on other dog shows?

The North Georgia Working Group Assoc. has joined the Lawrenceville Cluster in March 2021. Hope to see you all there showing under great judges and enjoying some Southern Hospitality.

Had a chance to visit with David Haddock at the Birmingham show and he shared with me that the special tenting and stage that Westminster Kennel Club is bringing into Lyndhurst Estate in Tarrytown, New York is going to leave everyone speechless.

No show has a more iconic history than that of Westminster Kennel Club. I for one was very concerned as to how they could have the event at Madison Square Garden for the groups on Monday and Tuesday night, what with the NY crowds needed to pay for that expensive a venue and social distance in place I could not figure out how they could make it happen.Here was just another example of how I shouldn’t worry about something that is out of my control. Applause to the great members of Westminster for not canceling this so looked forward to show and finding a way to make a grand event possible despite the hurdles placed in it’s path.

Having taking pictures of dogs and people for all of my life, and LOVING every minute of it! I am very excited to announce I have started Taylormade Photography based in Atlanta,Georgia. I decided to do this as I just couldn’t find anyone in this area that did good work. If you live in the Atlanta area or are coming for a show I hope you will consider using me to capture your beloved in his best light.

That’s All For Now My Friends, I’ll See You At The Shows!

James Perry Taylor, Publisher


289 Jonesboro Road # 371
McDonough, Georgia 30253


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